Cy Huerter

· Cy supports a Yes vote for the referendum for the  Constitutional Amendment for 1-2-3 property tax caps.  

· He is for restructuring local government to reduce cost of local government and increase accountability of local government officials.  (Kernan-Shepard / streamlining local government)

· He has plans and supports incentives for education and industry to bring good jobs back to Northwest Indiana.

· Cy and his wife, Brenda, have  6 children and 4 grandchildren..  Cy  has been part of Northwest Indiana since 1964.

· His education includes a BA in Sociology from Saint Joseph's Calumet College where he graduated in 1969.

· He retired from the US Navy (Army and Navy from 1967-1993) and is currently a property and business developer.

· He was also on the Board of Directors of the Lake Area United Way from 1986-1992.

· Cy has been a former president of Lake County Right to Life and a recipient of the Doctor Kelly Award in 2008.

Cy Huerter

Who is Cy Huerter?


8740 Carolina Avenue

Highland, IN 46322

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Cy Huerter is a Republican Candidate for Indiana House District 11.


Cy asks for your help with the campaign and your vote on Nov. 2.  He also asks you to invite your family, friends, and associates to join the campaign and vote for Cy.


Click on the House District 11 button on this page for a street map with Precincts for each of the six communities that make up District 11.